Garage Door Installation

Spark Garage Doors is a professional garage company performing garage door installation services. We also provide garage door repair, garage door replacement, and garage door maintenance services. Garages are a part of the home and so are the garage doors. Garage doors protect your house and garage from theft and burglary. They must be installed only by professionals for security and perfection.

Spark Garage doors are focused on complete customer satisfaction and deliver high-quality garage door installation services. We guarantee that your services are top-notch in South Florida and the nearby areas. We have decades of experience in the local garage door industry and have completed numerous garage door installations in South Florida. We carry premium quality garage door parts and materials with us and complete installation on the same day.


Professional Garage Door Installation Services:

Spark Garage Door has a trained, licensed, professional and qualified South Florida garage door installation team to handle old and smart garage door installation systems. Our exceptional garage door installation services include wooden garage door installation, steel garage door installation, Aluminium garage doors, wind load, and Vinyl garage door installation. 

Choose your garage door style and garage door opener style from the wide variety of doors, we provide our best service to make your dream come true at an affordable price.

When do you need Garage Door Installation?

Garage door installation is important when you are moving to a new home, buying a new vehicle, you need extra space, during a home makeover, and enhance safety.

Garage doors for a new home/vehicle:

Before you buy a new piece of residential property, look at buying a new garage. If you are purchasing a new home, get a new system installed along with it. The same goes for when buying a new vehicle. Your flashy car will look even cooler with a great place to park it in. A brand new system will go well with your brand new home or car.It’s a good idea to buy a new garage before you buy a house. Purchase a new home and get a new system installed. You should buy a new vehicle in the same way. It’s a good idea to have a great place to park your flashy car. Contact a garage door technician in Spark Garage Doors for your garage needs.

Real estate value hike:

Garage doors immediately catch the attention of real estate agents, first-time owners, and construction companies while looking up at the property. The first things that home buyers look for in a house are parking space and safety features. Houses with the latest garage door technology and looking impressive will increase the property value.

Style Updation :

Garage doors are prone to wear and tear over time. Old Garage doors may have damaged internal elements on constant usage, and when it is hit by a car or bikes. It may get bent or dented. All these make you change to get a new garage door.Even if your garage doors do not have any noticeable change, there are reasons for an update.

When your local area develops and becomes an important area, you need to upgrade your garage door with the latest technologies for security reasons. While updating, you have the opportunity to choose between the brands, styles, and colors that complement your property.


One of the most compelling reasons for installing a new garage door is security reasons. If you have a brand new car with a less secure garage door system, then you need an upgrade. Outdated garage doors keep your family and car at risk.

A door that gives easy access could put you and your family at risk, even if your garage contains little more than broken furniture. Criminals and opportunists may take a lack of security for your garage to mean there is a lack of security elsewhere. It is important to invest in high-quality security features, such as a sturdy garage door, to make sure that anyone can’t get into your house.

Energy Bill Reduction:

It’s possible that the garage doors you have been using more energy than they need to. If they are old and have stopped functioning as well as they were before, you may be left with doors that don’t open as quickly or efficiently as before. If that’s the case, then you need to upgrade the garage door.

Spark provides affordable garage doors for your Double car garage, common garage, and automatic garages. We provide affordable garage door installation services in South Florida.