What Are Garage Stiles?

When you talk of garage doors, you must have heard of its components like garage door tracks, springs, rollers, hinges, etc. Have you heard of a garage door stile?

A garage door stile is a component that is crucial for its structural rigidity. if you want your door to have a proper operation, you must ensure that its stiles are in good condition. Stiles plays a vital role in the opening and closing operation of the door.

So, when you call South Florida’s professional experts for garage door repair or maintenance, do not forget to check the stiles of your door.

More about Garage door stiles

Garage door styles are the vertical components of a garage door that are found on its exterior. They are the vertical members of the garage door panels. 

Every sectional garage door or panel consists of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. These stile and rails have grooves that hold the panel or section in place.

A stile is hardware that offers the garage door vertical support. It can be located at the center, end, or sides of the garage door.

Center stiles, end stiles, and double end stiles support the lock sets, roller brackets, and the hinge assembly of a door.

Garage door stiles are manufactured from 18- gauge to 20-gauge premium steel or pre-painted steel. They are fixed to the garage door sections using clinch-fastening technology or using adhesives or screws.

Garage stiles can be fabricated with grooves and notches customized to your requirement. These stiles are produced in large quantities and stocked. Or they can be produced just in time on the assembly line as per your requirement.

Garage door styles vary from brand to brand. That is why it is always better to call garage door specialists to repair or replace your stile as only they know which type to fit.

Garage door center stile

When a stile is fitted at the center of a sectional door panel, it is called a garage door center stile. It holds the sections together vertically.

Lock stile

The lock stile is the vertical section that sits opposite the hinges of the garage door. It usually holds the lock or latch of the door.

Reasons for garage door stile damage

Like all other parts, even the stiles of your door suffer damage due to improper or repeated use. The following are the reasons for the damage to your garage door styles.

Excessive lifting of your door

When excessive force is applied to lift your heavy garage door, its center stile gets damaged. The stile can snap or bend and cause the door to sag precariously. Call a  professional garage expert at once to fix the stile and door. 

Improper design of Double car Garage door 

When you have a double car garage door, you must pay double attention to its stiles. The stiles must be made of strongly reinforced steel and fitted correctly to counter the weight of the double car door. If the stiles are thin or of poor material, or poorly fitted, the end stiles will get easily detached.

The next point to note is the number of stiles on the double car door. Every balanced garage door must have 3 rows of vertical stiles if it is of double car width. (approx. .16 ft. to 18ft.). If you have a 16 ft. door, the stiles should be spaced 4 ft. apart. If this is not done, the door weight will not be evenly distributed and the stiles will get damaged.

Insulation fitted after garage door installation

After you installed your garage door, you might have found that it lacked thermal efficiency. Then, you would have added closed cell insulation. This would have increased the weight of the door manyfold. Since the stiles were designed to hold the original weight of the door, they would bend or break.

Garage door opener problem

Sometimes, your position=”bottom” role=”tooltip” class=”ent completed”>garage door opener might get damaged due to a sudden surge before a position=”bottom” role=”tooltip” class=”ent completed”>power outage. When this happens, people try to push hard to open the door manually from its position=”bottom” role=”tooltip” class=”ent in_progress”>closed position, and the stile snaps.

Garage door motor problem

Electric garage doors have motors that help to lift the door. when the motor pulls too hard on the heavy door, the stiles suffer damage.

Excessive Garage door Lighting

position=”bottom” role=”tooltip” class=”ent completed”>Garage lighting is essential for any garage door. But, the position and fitting of this lighting should be done during the installation and not thereafter. When the door is designed and installed initially, the stiles would be fabricated as per their weight. If you fit the lighting later, it will add to the weight of the door and disrupt its balance, damaging the stiles.

Stiles are integral parts of the hardware design of garage door systems. Install, maintain, and repair them enlisting only professional garage door experts in South Florida like Spark Garage Doors to safeguard your garage door.

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