The Best Garage Door Openers For Your Home

Almost every garage has an automatic garage door. This door operates with the use of a garage opener. The garage door opener opens and closes the door through remote control. Advanced technology has helped the openers function through voice control or even a Google Assistant. The garage door opener installation has helped in the evolution of the smart garage.

Having praised the virtues of the garage opener, why not go about selecting the best one for your garage? We can if you use the pointers from our South Florida garage door repair expert below to learn more about them.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Before you select an opener for your garage door, it is better to understand its types. 

The garage door opener has a trolley carriage on a rail. This rail connects the opener to the door. The trolley carriage may use a chain or belt to lift or lower the door. Depending on what is used, the opener is of the following types.

Chain drive Garage door openers

The chain garage opener uses a chain like that of a bicycle along with an AC Motor. The metal chain drives the trolley to lift or lower the door. This chain causes a lot of noise and vibration. 

This type of opener is the noisiest and needs regular maintenance. Chain drives are also the cheapest. You can opt for chain drive openers if you have a detached garage. But if you have an attached garage, it is better to think of a better option.

Belt drive Garage door openers

In this type, the opener uses a rubber belt instead of a chain. Belt drive openers are the quietest and also need little maintenance. You can use them if your garage forms a part of your home without any worry about the noise.

Screw drive Garage door openers

Here, the garage door track has a long screw that is connected to the trolley. The opener relies on the movement of the screw to open or close the door. The screw rotates in one direction to raise the door and in the opposite direction to lower it.

Direct drive Garage door openers

This type of garage door opener has just one single moving part. The motor acts as the trolley here and moves along the tracks to operate the door. Since the only moving part is the motor, there is very little vibration and noise. 

Wall Mount Garage door openers

Wall-mounted garage door openers are also called jackshaft openers. Unlike the others which hang from a ceiling, these openers are mounted on the wall. So, they free up the vertical overhead space in the garage for storage. They hardly make any noise and also avoid the need for an electric outlet in the garage ceiling.

Smart Garage door openers

If you want to make the most of your garage door opener using additional features, this is the type to opt for. Smart Garage Openers have the best of security features built into them.

Smart openers are WiFi-enabled and integrate with the other smart home devices at your home. They have smart features whereby they can turn on the smart lights or the AC as you open the door. This smart home technology allows remote access to your door. You can monitor who enters and leaves the garage through security cameras embedded in the door. They have a battery backup to help them function in case of a power outage. 

Smart openers can operate through a wireless keypad or virtual assistants from mobile devices. They come with a host of smart accessories like Bluetooth speakers, safety sensors, etc.

Points to bear in mind before selecting your garage door opener

  • For Standard Aluminum Doors, you can use an opener with a 1/2 horsepower motor. For huge one-piece doors or heavier doors of solid wood, use a 3/4 horsepower opener or a 1.5 horsepower opener.
  • If you want a quiet operation, avoid the chain drive system. Use the belt drive opener or direct drive openers for quieter operation.
  • Always use an opener with both Wi-Fi & battery backup.
  • A Smart Automatic Garage controller is the best for your door.

Select the right opener keeping your garage security in mind. Call a professional South Florida garage door company for the garage door opener installation. This will give you both smooth performance and peace of mind.