How to Remove Dents From a Garage Door?

All of us want everything to be smooth, right from our life, our complexion, to even our garage door. What if your garage door looked like a pockmarked face, being full of dents and cracks? Would you like it? 

Garage doors tend to have a disfigured and deformed appearance when they get dented. These garage door dents could be due to impacts or collisions, wear and tear, weathering, etc. Whatever be the reason, a dented garage door looks hideous and must be attended by garage experts at once.

Reasons why garage door dents need immediate attention

If the door of your garage has a dented surface, this will

  • Reduce the curb appeal of your door
  • Cause further damage to the door resulting in the need for garage door replacement
  • Pose security risks to the garage and home
  • Provide an opening for rodents to enter the garage
  • Permit debris and dirt to enter resulting in a dusty garage
  • Allow moisture to enter, ruining the entire garage.

In order to prevent such mishaps, it is best you call an expert garage door repair professional in South Florida to inspect the damage. If the garage door dent can be patched up, then all you have to do is to get the repair done. Minor dents can be repaired on your own. But,  the deep dents or stubborn dents might need the hand of garage door experts.

Points to note before you repair minor dents in your garage door

The extent of dent damage

Before you set out on dent repair, examine the indented spot. If it is a minor dent caused by a collision with a bicycle, you can repair it on your own. If the spot has a stubborn dent caused by a car impact, you must seek out professional garage experts for garage door dent repair.

Garage Door Material

The dent removal technique you use depends mainly on the material of your garage door. The process varies for metal garage doors and wood garage doors.

Ways to repair minor dents in your garage door

Wooden garage doors 


Take a large cloth, wet it, and spread it over the entire dent. Now, take a hot iron and keep it on the cloth, taking care not to touch the wood. After a couple of minutes, remove the iron and repeat the process till you find the mark gone. In this method, the hot steam from the iron is supposed to enter the dent and fill it up. 

If these methods do not work, call garage experts for professional repairs.

Aluminum garage doors

Tin Foil and Compressed Air Method

For this method, you need a bucket of water, dish soap, sponge, a block of wood, aluminum foil or tin foil, etc. You will also need a heat source like a heat lamp, heat gun, or lighter. Besides this, have a can of compressed or condensed air. 

First,  add a drop of dish soap to warm water in the bucket. Use this soapy water to clean the dust and grime from the door. Let it dry. Now,  take a large piece of foil and cover the dent with tape. Now, bring the heat source near the foil sheet and allow the heat to enter the dent. After a minute, remove both the source of heat and the foil. Spray the compressed air over the foil.  Due to the abrupt temperature change, the molecular structure of the foil sheet alters and covers the dent.

Steel garage doors

For this method, you need soapy water, sandpaper, a putty knife, and a filling compound or auto body filler.

First, clean the door with soap water. Sand the door to remove dust. Use the putty knife to fill the dent with an auto body compound. Again, sand the door with fine-grit sandpaper and apply a coat of matching primer.

All the above techniques are just quick fixes to mask your dents. For a lasting result and perfect dent repair, calling a local garage door repair company in South Florida is best.