How to Fix Trouble with Your Garage Door Cable

The function of garage door cables is to help the garage door move up and down. These cables work together with garage door springs to ensure that the door moves in a uniform manner.

Types of Garage Door Cables

There are 2 types of cables in a garage door- lifting cables and safety cables. Lifting cables help to redistribute the weight of the heavy door while it is opened or closed. Without these cables,  the springs cannot manage the weight alone. Lifting cables are present on either side of the door.

Safety cables run through the entire length of the door through the extension springs. They prevent injuries due to broken springs. If the extension springs snap, the safety cables hold the door from crashing down.

Garage door cables may break at any time due to repeated use.

Signs that indicate that your Garage Door Cable is in trouble 

The first sign of cable damage is an uneven garage door. If the garage door opens or closes unevenly, it might be due to a loose or broken cable.

If the garage door closes rapidly or has a jerky movement, it is time for you to call a South Florida garage door repair professional to have a look at it.

If there is any problem with the garage door, it will alert the safety system to stop door movement. This means you cannot even open your door. Only experienced technicians can detect the cuss for their problem rightly.

This is why you must call a garage door service expert for any garage door cable repair.

Detecting a Garage Door Cable Issue

First, switch off the garage door opener to disconnect the power supply.  Then open the door to the maximum manually. Use a C clamp to hold the door in place.

Next, unhook the springs and release their spring tension to prevent injuries while repairing the cable. Now, inspect the springs and see if there is any need for garage door spring replacement or repair. Attend to this first as damage to the springs can cause severe injuries. 

Now, take a look at the cables. If the cable has snapped, it is time to call a garage professional technician for the cable replacement.

Fixing a Garage Door Cable

Gather the correct tools needed for this job. These include C clamps, pliers, new cables, and unwinding bars.

Release the red-colored emergency handle to unplug the garage door opener. Now, you should be able to open or close the door manually.

Open the door completely and hold it in place wide open. You can do this by placing pliers below the garage door rollers that are at the bottom of the door. Keeping the door open will give you more support while changing the cables.

The next step is to remove the springs. First, make the screws of the springs loose and remove them. Keep 2 winding bars to prevent any injury. Next, remove the screws carefully taking care to release the spring tension as you unwind them.

Now, loosen the screws on the cable drum to remove the cable from the racket. Now attach the new cable to the cable drum in the bottom bracket. Use the right length of cable taking care to see that it is neither too loose nor tight. Now, remove the pliers and check the door. If there is an alignment issue, adjust the cables again.

Cost of  Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement 

The average cost of garage door cable repair is $100.  This varies as per the location.

Garage door cable replacement may cost anywhere in the range of $90-120. This includes the service or installation cost.

By themselves, the cables cost only $30 a pair. But cable repair service may cost anywhere between $120-200 including the spare parts and service fees.

Call a nearby Garage Door Company for Garage Door Cable Service

The majority of garage doors face cable issues due to normal wear and tear.

Trying to repair this on your own would be a costly mistake. Cable repair needs heavy lifting of the bulky door and also careful handling of each component of garage doors.

On the other hand, reliable South Florida garage door repair technicians from Spark Garage Doors know how to handle this common issue while keeping in mind the safety hazard they face. They do both routine maintenance and preventative maintenance to ensure that this garage door issue does not repeat again.