9 Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

Many of us think of renovating our homes and investing in home improvement projects. But, not many of us think of a new garage door installation. This might be because the garage is an external segment of the house and an additional provision made for housing the vehicle. Whenever the talk comes of garage door installation possibilities, the main discussion is on garage door installation cost and the topic is deferred. What many of us fail to realize is that the garage door is one of the main entry doors to your home and it needs additional security features to protect your home. Secondly, an attractive garage door will only boost the resale value of your home. 

Keeping in mind, you must opt for a new garage door replacement or installation. If you are still not convinced, one look at the following points from our South Florida garage door repair professional will help you decide.

9 Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

1. Home Safety 

The garage door is the easiest access point for thieves to enter your home. You must upgrade your garage door with safety features to prevent break-ins and burglaries. The new door installation price will be negligible compared to what you could lose if theft occurs.

So, if you care for the safety of your home, install a new garage door at once. Choose wood doors, steel doors, or aluminum doors but call a garage expert to install it with safety features like motion detectors, safety sensors, overhead lights, and an automatic door opener.

2. Increasing the strength and lifespan of the door

Even a garage door needs a little care and attention. Any garage door material you use will fade or weaken with time. Old wood doors might warp while steel doors might rust. Even if this does not occur, the paint might peel or the panels might have dents and dimples. Replace your old one with a new fortified garage door. Get a double-layer door with proper insulation. Strengthening the door will increase its lifespan by at least 5-10 years.

3. Prevent the entry of bugs

Small bugs, termites, and creepy crawlies can enter through the gaps and crevices of your garage door. Such pests will only damage your garage and infest your home. Sometimes, the damage to your door is too extensive that you have to install a new door. This is in fact the proper maintenance you do for your door.

4. Weatherproofing your garage door

Harsh weather affects your garage door more than you can think. Cold winters can cause moisture to sep! into your garage, ruining it. This moisture will only cause your garage door to rust. Dust and debris can also get in through cracks and damage the garage door tracks. You must weatherproof your garage door to prevent hai climatic damage. Get a new insulated garage door with a thick layer of polyurethane insulation to safeguard it from environmental factors.

5. Save on energy bills 

Uninsulated doors will also let the cold in freezing your home in winter. Such doors will also increase your heating costs and shoot up your energy bills. Getting energy-efficient insulated garage doors is the only way to save on electric costs.

6. Rodent and animal protection

Rats, beavers, and other rodents often find shelter in your garage. They are cute but they can cause severe damage to your garage and its contents. Protect your garage from rodent entry by installing a new door with good weatherstripping. 

7. Reduce garage door noise

Noisy garage doors are an irritation to the owners and neighbors alike. The noise is due to loose hardware or worn-out parts which need immediate repair or replacement. If left ignored, they can cause severe damage to your garage door. Lack of maintenance is the main cause of garage door noise. Prevent these noisy sounds by installing a new belt drive garage door that makes no noise at all.

8. Aesthetic appeal

Enhancing the aesthetics of your garage is a must to maintain the overall appearance of your home. Install a custom redwood garage door in carriage house style for a classic appearance. Opt for sectional doors or steel garage doors if you want a contemporary look. Add decorative hardware, glass windows, etc for enhancing the curb appeal. Select from a wide range of color choices to install a new and beautiful garage door.

9. Resale value

Are you aware that a garage door replacement can fetch you more value for your home? A new door for your garage can increase the value of your home by 50-100%. This is the main reason why you must install a new door.

You change your vehicle once every 5 years at the most. Think of a garage door replacement or installation around the same time. It can save you money from repeated garage door repairs or unwanted accidental damage. Get a perfect garage door fitted with an auto-reverse mechanism, garage door remote, and automatic opener at the lowest costs from a reliable local garage door company in South Florida.