7 Warning Signs Of Broken Garage Door Springs

Did you know that the entire weight of a 180 lbs. garage door rests solely on its springs? If your springs snap by any chance, the whole door can come crashing down with a loud bang. That is why as a homeowner, you should always look out for broken springs in your garage door. If you find any damaged springs, call a professional garage specialist without delay for the garage door spring replacement.

A garage door can have torsion springs, extension springs, or rarely, both. How do detect the damage in either of these springs? Are there any warning signs that indicate that the spring is broken? If so, let us make a list of these indicators. 

7 signs that indicate that your garage door springs are broken

Loud Noise

A loud snapping noise is the first indicator of a broken spring from your garage door. When the torsion spring snaps, you can hear it. 

If your door squeaks or screeches, then too, be alert for this means your garage springs are on the verge of wearing out.

The garage door opener does not lift the door fully

Usually, the weight of the door is borne by the springs. If your door has an automatic opener and it senses that there is an issue with the spring, then it activates its safety measure. This safety action called the opener force stops the door from lifting more than a foot above the ground. So, if you find that your automatic opener is not opening the door fully, realize that there is something wrong with the springs and replace them at once.

The door opens with a jerk or does not open fully

The next thing to notice is the movement of the door. If your door does not open fully or evenly,  you can be sure that the extension springs have broken. 

The extension springs are found on either side of the door and balance its weight. If these springs tear on one side, the door will open with a jerky movement in a crooked manner.

The door closes too fast

Next, see if the door closes at an average pace. Most doors have an automatic reversal mechanism that is meant to close the door at a normal average If your door closes too fast, then it is obvious that this mechanism is not working. This usually happens when the springs are broken and their pieces are in the path of the door blocking the tracks. 

This common sign is enough to tell you that you must check for broken springs.

Gaps in the springs

When the springs begin to wear out, a gap begins to develop between them which is several inches wide. This is an obvious sign of garage door spring problems.

Rusted springs

Rust in the springs is the first sign of wear and tear that you can visually see. The moment you see a rusted spring, call South Florida’s expert garage door repair technician for repair services at once and replace them.

Loose cables

It is the springs that hold the garage door cables in place. If the springs wear out,  the cable becomes loose.

Look for the above common warning signs that scream out loud demanding immediate garage door spring repair.

Avoid these telltale signs by providing good garage door insulation for your door to prevent the entry of moisture. You can also oil the springs every month for smooth operation. Engage a reliable garage door service company and do regular maintenance for your garage door.

While replacing the springs, buy the springs of the right size to suit your door. A 7-ft. door uses a 26-inch spring while an 8-ft. door needs a 27-inch one. again, choose the right type of spring for your door- oil tempered or zinc galvanized. All these minute details like garage door balance, weight, and the size of the springs are known to the garage door medics only.

To protect your garage door, only professional garage door repair experts in South Florida, such as Spark Garage Doors, should install, maintain, and repair it. Recognize that a trustworthy and genuine garage door repair company will never use cheap tricks to defraud its valuable customers. Call Spark Garage Doors at (954) 488 3881. Our Garage Door Repair specialists are only a phone call away.